Victoria Beckham Gets Hungover Like Everybody Else

Posted on July 9, 2010

Beckham arrived at the airport in Nice this afternoon carrying her black Hermes bag and shielding her eyes with sunglasses. She’s back in France to rejoin David and the boys for their Summer vacation after a quick trip to London for the 10th anniversary of Net-a-Porter. She celebrated her own over the weekend with a huge bash in honor of her and David’s 11th wedding anniversary, where she apparently let loose with plenty of champagne. Posh had a good sense of humor about her wild night, saying: “ assume I don’t drink but I’m only human and I can get pissed and have hangovers, like everybody else. But it was a fabulous party.” Meanwhile, Victoria could use some in our bracket - she’s currently trailing Carmen Electra by a fairly wide margin.

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