Posted on June 16, 2010

Vibe.com recently down with Tameka

Another thing most question is your last name. Any special reason for keeping it Raymond?
(Laughs) I don’t think because a oesn’t work, you have to change your name back. It’s an asinine question. Why not? Prior to getting married I kept my ex-husband’s last name. have such a short expectancy for that when they divorce it’s ‘Why does she still have his name?’ , I was supposed to keep his name until I die. I wasn’t supposed to get a divorce (laughs).

If he came back tomorrow, would you take him back?
I don’t know. I’ve closed the chapter of having Usher as my mate. Now am I willing to reopen it? I can’t say. Do I still him? I him very much and you marry someone with the intent of sitting in a rocker with the person. I have sons that look just like him, so I have to deal with him pretty much every day.

GV Says: I’m not mad at her for keeping the last name. As a divorcee I have to say…it’s not that serious. After a while you really stop thinking of it as “his” last name. I honestly would feel weird going back to my maiden name. Plus, if you’ve ever gone through the trouble of changing your name you really wouldn’t sign up to change again so quickly. I it all depends on how it ended….Maybe if it was dramatic you might want to wipe the slate clean. Who knows….

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