Sugar Shout Out: Zach Braff Gets a New Puppy!

Posted on August 13, 2010

  • New puppy alert! Zach Braff introduces baby Scooter
  • it or hate it? Ricci’s shorter, lighter hairstyle
  • Would you drop everything to travel?
  • Mind your manners: rude things mothers do
  • ! Simply , simply Vera Vera Wang Fall ’10
  • Get the look: Eat Pray Love
  • My favorite 7 evil exes from movies
  • 5 “little” résumé mistakes to avoid
  • Bigger burn: running vs. biking
  • Rent textbooks from your when you head back to school
  • Try vegetable chili with polenta for your next fast and easy meal
  • Clarissa explains it all on fashion!

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