Ryan Gosling Has Multiple Valentines, But Not Michelle, in Toronto

Posted on September 16, 2010

The ladies couldn’t stop showing for Ryan Gosling last night at his of Blue Valentine during the . He arrived solo, looking dapper in his and gray suit, but soon he scooped up his young costar, Wladyka, for a photo op. Ryan and other involved in the movie followed up their screening with an afterparty, where Ryan was again a commodity saying cheese with producer Lynette Howell. Ryan’s leading lady, Michelle Williams, wasn’t able to join in on the love fest, unlike her appearances with him at both Cannes and Sundance earlier this year. Michelle and Ryan were together, though, for a recent in and the hot results of their efforts are on display in October’s W.

    To see more of Ryan in Toronoto, just read more.

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