Russell Brand Goes to Church in His Underwear For Arthur

Posted on July 28, 2010

wore nothing but black socks, colorful briefs, and his usual flowing on the set of Arthur in NYC yesterday. He showed off his slender frame while filming the and pants-free scene at St. Bart’s Church. Russell joked that he felt guilty about his lack of in a holy locale and shooting a wedding without his real-life bride-to-be. Elsewhere in the city, Jennifer Garner was decked out in a tiara getting ready to join him for another humor-filled day together. Meanwhile, Russell’s fiancée Katy Perry is making her own undressed – she landed in our Bracket , wore a rubber two-piece for new promo covers, and didn’t impress you much with her painted nude album cover.

    To see more of Russell in next to nothing, just read more.

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