Posted on September 16, 2010

Brown’s brother, Gavin “Pretty Boy” Marchand, pleaded not guilty to felony identity theft charges Thursday – and was then cuffed on new .

“They’re re-arresting him for grand larceny,” Herman Wun, Marchand’s surprised , said outside a Supreme courtroom as his client was taken into custody by burly, plain-clothed .

Marchand, 35, who has dabbled on stage as his sister’s sidekick, was arrested in August for a spree with a series of allegedly fake credit cards.

Details of the new case were unclear, and Wun said he had not been told his client would be arrested – and knew little about the new case.

One of Marchand’s pals, Warren David, was also re-arrested, and the two will be arraigned or Friday on the new charges.

In the original case, Gavin and three pals were busted for trying to purchase French luxury goods at Hermes, an upper East Side boutique, with bogus plastic on Aug. 7.

“On a plea to the charge, we’re recommending 3 1/2 to 7 years in jail,” Assistant District Attorney Toni Mardirossian told a judge.

She said Marchand and one of his co-defendants, Derwin Benoit, have prior felony convictions, she said.

Gavin was busted in August when a sales person at Hermes on Madison Ave. quickly recognized the supposed American Express corporate card was fake.

Something about the front of the card and the magnetic strip were unusual, court documents show.

After David, 31, tried to use the bogus Amex card, Marchand handed over a phony MasterCard, according to court documents. The clerk held that card under a black light, showing that one wasn’t real either.

They didn’t stop there. Warren allegedly pulled out a second Amex card, which worked, and bought $7,882.55 worth of merchandise.

Two other men, Ryan Campbell, 32, and Benoit, 34, were charged in connection with the plastic shopping spree.

The four men, with Benoit at the , were nabbed by after they made a 90-mph getaway in a car littered with credit cards and receipts, according to court records.

GV Says: …SMH. Is this what happens when the checks stop coming.

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