Posted on August 17, 2010

So when will have ….when she pleases.

“My ambition is to continue to learn about the world and to eventually have a family,” the singer-, who turns 29 on Sept. 4, told You magazine, published by Britain’s Mail on Sunday.

Pressed for , Knowles – who was the subject of rumors last winter – says she can offer “no dates, no times – it will happen when I am ready.”

“Probably the biggest challenge in my life is time – making sure I have time to be a wife, to be a singer, to be a songwriter, to be an actor and still have time for my and now for my perfume [Heat].”

But she gets by – usually with a little help from her girlfriends.

“I being a and I love being a friend to other women,” she says. “I think we learn a lot from our female – female friendship is very, very important. It’s good to support each other, and I do try to put that message in my music.”

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